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While not all-encompassing, these are the categories of work I consider to be my main areas of focus. The time span of my work has ranged from the Bronze Age through the 17th century and includes a wide variety of items. The projects I enjoy most are the new and the challenging, with particular attention paid to the small details.  


I consider armor to be my largest area of focus, whether it’s a single piece at a time or a complete harness. While I have experience making armor across many centuries, much of my experience is in 13th and 15th century reproductions. 


The weapons I find the most intriguing and challenging to reproduce are those with subtle but intricate details. This includes poleaxes, war hammers, and spears primarily from the 15th century. 


My specialty when it comes to swords lies in producing complete pieces from blade to hilt to scabbard. While I do not forge my own blades, most of the additional elements of each piece are hand-made. I particularly enjoy taking on projects that include complex hilts, tooled scabbards and intricate mounts.

Equestrian Tack 

While the newest area of focus in my portfolio, equestrian tack is something I have thoroughly enjoyed making and am looking to continue to explore. I have done some 13th century tack, but the bulk of projects have been from the 15th century, including saddle coverings, barding, stirrups, and spurs. 

Knives & Daggers

Like swords, I enjoy making knives and daggers as complete sets including blades, fittings, and sheaths. While a smaller weapon in size, I believe they provide just as much opportunity to showcase intricate details or adornments, regardless of century.

Leather & Miscellaneous

Called “Miscellaneous” for a reason, this category showcases a wide variety of artifacts I have made over the years. While the majority highlight my passion for leather work, the list of items also includes medieval tools, locks, glasses, precious metals, and more.

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